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Organizing and Managing Writer’s Workshop- Learn how to effectively set up Writer’s Workshop in your classroom

Introduction: I have an absolute passion in teaching writing and developing writers. I have turned non writers into writers and kids who despise writing into ones that love writing. Having an effective writer’s workshop in your classroom is key to developing writers which is why I created this tutorial.

Before we begin I want to start by saying that the ideas and practices in this tutorial are those of Donald Graves, Steve Peha, Katie Wood Ray, Lucy Calkins and others, gurus in literacy research and implementation. I have implemented these practices into my classroom for many years and am able help teachers get their writer’s workshop up and running successfully.

In this tutorial you’ll learn how to organize and manage writers’ workshop in 3 modules. In module 1, you will learn how to set the tone and physical space for the workshop environment to engage writers. In module 2, you’ll learn how to organize and manage the components of the writer’s workshop so you can begin your writing “magic”. In Module 3, we’ll take a closer look at mini lessons and teacher student conferences. We’ll also look at different ways you could assess student writing. This tutorial is designed for all teachers, novice or veteran that wants to either freshen up their skills or learn more about implementing a writer’s workshop in your classroom.

After this tutorial you will have a better understanding of how to set up writer’s workshop in your classroom. You will be able to put the pieces into action. 

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