4 Reasons Why You Need a NEW Teacher BFF

New Teacher BFF

Remember when you were a new teacher? You had that gleam in your eyes and pep in your step.  You were excited to get into a classroom and jump right into teaching. You had energy, drive and passion. You couldn’t wait to try all of your new ideas and share them with others. I remember my first year of teaching like it was just yesterday and that was 15 years ago. I was so happy to get my first job in a public school in Brooklyn, NY teaching second grade. I got the job right on the spot during the interview and couldn’t be more thrilled to begin the next school year. I read every book about teaching 2nd grade, planned all of my activities, brought bags and bags of work home every night and stayed up until 10:00 each night planning, preparing and grading. I was fortunate enough to have veteran teachers welcome me and take me under their wing.

But when you are a teacher for 15 years and work with the same colleagues year after year, it’s exciting to see a different face, especially a NEW teacher face. Working with a new teacher is an opportunity to learn something or think of something in a different way. There are so many things that veteran teachers could learn from new teachers. It’s one way that I consider growing professionally and keeping a growth mindset. So it’s time that you find a new teacher BFF and here’s why!

New Teachers Bring New Things To The Team

New teachers come out of college with a plethora of fresh ideas. They bring things to the team that perhaps other member wouldn’t. Their thoughts and ideas are crisp and clear and are ready to roll right on out. I chuckle at this because my thoughts overlap, and are crowded and fuzzy. I find it refreshing to collaborate with someone who has fresh ideas, and helps me work through my ideas as well as revitalize some of my older ones. So embrace the new teacher on your grade and bounce some ideas off of each other. You may be surprised that you just found your new teacher BFF!

They Are Passionate

New teachers are passionate about teaching. They have energy, life and stamina. They are ready to take on the world. They are positive and aren’t tainted by the challenging school system or by the “Debbie Downers,” plus they are not exhausted by the teacher workload (yet!). Chances are this newbie’s positivity will spread to you and will lift you up when you need it most. They are bright eyed and bushy tailed, as many of them stroll into work early with little or no morning responsibilities, some having no kids of their own yet! 😉 So you might find that your new BFF brings you an early cup of coffee, or has those copies you just didn’t get to for your first lesson in hand. Yay! 🙂

They are Tech Savvy

Those millennials are the ones who know all of the latest technology. They will help teach veteran teachers the simplest techy things, to the more complicated technology with the latest apps, software and Google classroom. I love learning new things from innovative teachers, especially when it helps me work smarter, not harder!

They Want to Learn

New teachers want to be learn from veteran teachers and want to be mentored. They observe other teachers with eyes wide open, taking it all in for the first time while absorbing other teacher’s techniques, skills and strategies from classroom management, instruction and assessment. Teachers know that you do not come out of college with a handbook or prepared for the day to day challenges of managing a classroom so mentoring is critical for new teachers. I have been a mentor to new teachers and have enjoyed it. I have built strong relationships with new teachers I mentored and the learning definitely goes both ways. It’s a win-win!

So when you go back to school for the next year, scope out the place for the “new” teachers. Find one and make them your new teacher BFF! You won’t regret it!

Are you a new teacher? I’d love to collaborate more with you.

Be sure to visit For The Love of Teachers, and go to the “growing” forums to collaborate with others. Share some ideas and get some ideas from other amazing teachers. See you there!


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Christine Weis is a teacher, professional development instructor, mom of two boys and founder of For The Love of Teachers, a website and blog dedicated to teacher collaboration, professional growth and useful resources.
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  1. I am still BFFs with my the teacher I picked out when I was a newbie to my current school! I am so grateful and thankful I chose well. Having a teacher BFF provides a great outlet to gain support, momentum and also to just be yourself! Love reading this post so much! Love your creativity with topics to write on! <3

    • That’s so fantastic! When you find a BFF you have to stick with them and make each other better and positive. Teaching is such a tough profession and we really need good support from new and veteran teachers. Thanks for reading and leaving a thoughtful comment Megan!
      Christine at For The Love of Teachers

    • Isn’t that the best!? I love when I meet people by “accident” and become friends. I have made some incredible friends…parents of students I have taught. You never know who you are going to just click with.
      Thanks for reading!
      Christine at For The Love of Teachers

  2. I really think the most important thing is to have passion for teaching and having energy and stamina just as you wroted!
    I like your post! 🙂

  3. You know what? This really is important because people click up in the workspace and forget that they’re there as a team and can learn from everyone.

    • Good point! I have never quite made it into the “clicks” and I am happy not to join. I’d rather collaborate and work with positive people with fresh perspectives. Thanks for reading!
      Christine at For The Love of Teachers

  4. I’m starting out my career as a college writing professor and I’m always so afraid more experienced professors will judge me or look down on me. I hope my new colleagues have the same opinion as you!

    • Oh no…I hope they don’t judge you either. I bet you’ll bring something to the team and may teach them thing or two. And all good teachers continue to learn and grow from others. Congratulations on becoming a college writing professor. I have a passion for writing and may be in your shoes one day down the road. Thanks for reading!
      Christine at For The Love of Teachers

  5. I have teacher friends and it’s always exciting to hear them talk about their work and it really shows how passionate they are. I think this applies for old and new teachers.

    • Absolutely…I agree! I am glad that I still have my passion after 15 years of teaching. It sometimes gets lost in the mix of things but it always comes back. Thanks for reading!
      Christine at For The Love of Teachers

  6. I love the passion that new teachers bring with them. They can definitely be a positive influence for other teachers who have become a little jaded by the educational system.

    • Exactly!!! We need newbies to remind us of the passion we have for teaching because we cannot change the educational system. Thanks for reading!
      Christine at For The Love of Teachers

    • Truth! I hear ya! Not getting paid enough for all teachers do and put up with is another blog post in itself! 🙂
      Thanks for reading!
      Christine at For The Love of Teachers

  7. Yes! This is all very TRUE! I remember those days as a newbie teacher, the energy and ambition I had. The books read, creating resources and lesson planning until late at night.

    I remember the summer before my first teaching position in Irving, TX. I sat on my living room floor cutting and gluing for HOURS! I remember how I would have to force myself to stop and eat!

    I was just so happy and eager to have my own classroom and apply all that I had learned in college.

    Now, after teaching for 20ish years, I have found that I have gone through cycles of ambition/energy. Fortunately, I am in an energetic phase due to new collaboration with my TpT friends. <3

    A new teacher does bring fresh eyes and energy back into the life of a veteran teacher! They can be an inspiration to us.

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts and bringing me back 20 years (or so)!

    • Thanks for your thoughtful comment Lori! I have gone through cycles too. I am often very passionate and motivated to teach but have hit teacher burnout quite a few times between personal and professional responsibilities. I envy the young teacher because I see my younger teacher self in their eyes. I love that they are not yet tainted by the education system and come fresh out of college eager to teach and change the world. I am in an extremely energetic phase as I took a break from the classroom after having a baby as I explore new opportunities in education, like creating For The Love of Teachers, collaborating with AMAZING teachers, such as yourself, and I am so excited to get started on my Teacher Pay Teacher Store. So I am so glad that my passion is still there because I was afraid that I had lost it. New teacher BFFs help keep my passion and inspiration alive. I have one of my newbie teacher BFFs coming over tomorrow for lunch and I couldn’t be more excited! For The love of NEW teachers right!?
      Thanks again for reading and for sharing!
      Christine at For The Love of Teachers

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